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Managed IT Services

Managed IT services, or outsourced IT, is a third-party service that provides infrastructure, IT, and other technical support to organizations. You might also hear this type of company referred to as an MSP, short for managed service provider.

Because of how broad and challenging IT problems are, it’s not uncommon for a company to utilize an MSP in some manner, especially in a market like managed IT services Seattle. But, like many things dealing with technology, MSPs cover a broad umbrella of many different types of managed services. Knowing what the service options are and which ones you need can be a hurdle in itself.

Services MSPs offer can vary widely, covering everything from cybersecurity needs, VoIP solutions, backup recovery, and more. Organizations typically seek out outsourced IT support when they lack the capital to hire and manage their own in-house IT team. Or when they prefer the expertise and benefits that outsourcing can provide.

Different Types of Managed IT Services

Managed Networks and Infrastructure

With this type of service, an MSP generally takes on the entirety of network tasks. This includes establishing LAN, WAPs, and various connections for your business. They also manage backup and storage options.

  • Managed Security This is a catch-all service for remote security infrastructure. It covers everything from BDR solutions to anti-malware options, keeping them updated in real-time.

  • Managed Support Services This option is common among managed services providers. It typically covers all services related to IT help — from troubleshooting to dealing with advanced issues.

  • Managed Print Services

    With this type of managed service, a managed it services provider will remotely assist with data and file infrastructure. It’s often best for organizations with complex file management needs.
  • Managed Cloud Infrastructure One of the more in-depth classifications of services, cloud infrastructure management handles computing, storage, network, and IT. Some providers may also offer virtualization services for apps, software, operating systems, or more.

  • Managed Software as a Service (SaaS) With this type of service, providers offer a software platform, typically subscription-based, for businesses. A few examples include Office 365, universal communication software, and anti-virus software.

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